Company Background

Company founded

to deal with the Import and Distribution of automotive spare parts in general, in the local market of Cyprus.



Started Manufacturing of Radiator Cores

Stopped Trading of Automotive Spare Parts.

Started specialising in the import and distribution of Automotive Radiators in the market of Cyprus.
Exports of Radiator Cores in the Gulf Countries.



Affiliated Company A.CHRISTOU S.A. Founded

With only one warehousee in Thessaloniki Northern Greece in Order to enter the radiator of Aftermarket sales of Greece.

Business Flourished

Opened second even bigger Warehouse in Athens to cover expanding local demand.



Third Warehouse Opened

In the city of Patra to cover the even increasing demand in the market of Southern Greece.

Forth Warehouse Opened

In the island of Crete to cover the market of the Greek islands.



Fifth Warehouse Opened

Again in Renti Attica, to better cover the market in the Western Parts of Attiki.

Ever Expanding Demand

Optes us to move to our new Central Warehouse premises, of 3000 sq.meters, situated next to all transport companies hub, in Tavros Attiki, to enable our distribution network nationwide.


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